1931 Sheepskin Flying Jacket with 100% cotton hand warmer pockets  - Oil and Gasoline
1931 Sheepskin Flying Jacket -  - Oil and Gasoline
1931 Sheepskin Flying Jacket -  - Oil and Gasoline
Oil and Gasoline 1931 Sheepskin Flying Jacket
Oil and Gasoline 1931 Sheepskin Flying Jacket
Oil and Gasoline 1931 Sheepskin Flying Jacket
Oil and Gasoline 1931 Sheepskin Flying Jacket
Oil and Gasoline 1931 Sheepskin Flying Jacket

1931 Sheepskin Flying Jacket

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The new Oil & Gasoline® 1931 Sheepskin Flying Jacket is based on the original 1931 Irvin developed for the RAF, becoming a symbol of British sports cars and their thrill-seeking pilot owners, and starting a tradition that carries on to this day. Our jacket improves on the cut, quality, finish, and everyday usability, making it perfect for even the most demanding connoisseur - it's an investment that will last a lifetime. 

Please allow 4 weeks for your jacket to be made and dispatched due to demand.

  • Made-to-measure (maximum chest size is 48") for a near perfect fit
  • Made by British artisans using traditional skills
  • The finest North American sheepskin - lightweight and beautifully supple
  • Traditional Aviator Seal colour, with real Ginger wool in 15mm, 18mm, or 22mm lengths
  • Overlocked and bound seams with a choice of steer (pictured) or horsehide trim
  • Authentic 8mm zips and buckles, 8-holed underarm vents, belt, and twin collar straps
  • Optional 100% cotton hand warmer pockets (pictured)
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable, no plastic involved
  • Optional hand painted artwork by one of Rutland's finest artists is available. The artist will contact you to discuss your requirements and provide a quote if selected
    Please follow the measuring guide and instructions below. It is VERY important these measurements are accurate. If you have difficulty, we recommend that you visit a local tailor. A small fee may apply:
    1. Take a chest measurement by placing the tape under your armpits and across the chest. We can cater from 32" to a maximum 48" chest. 
    2. For the waist measurement (not required on all jackets), place the tape around your navel area.
    3. For the shoulder measurement, place the tape straight across from left to right.
    4. Place the tape at the centre of the neck (neck bone/hump) and measure down for your desired length. If you are mainly going to be using your jacket whilst driving/flying, we recommend measuring to slightly below your belt line to prevent bunching/rising at the front of the jacket whilst in a seated position. Min 24.5" to max 28" available
    5. Keep your arm relaxed by your side and measure from the point of the shoulder down the outside of the arm to just above the knuckles. Min 24" to max 28" available
    6. Please supply your physical height in feet and inches.
    7. Please email your measurements together with your order number and name to jacket@oilandgasoline.cc

    NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure that all measurements are accurate, we do not offer refunds or extensive alterations for inaccurately supplied measurements.  

    .Please read the following information carefully before ordering:

    • We are not liable for incorrectly supplied measurements that result in an ill fitting jacket. Please read the measuring guide thoroughly.
    • Refunds will be provided for a jacket damaged in transit, poorly made/wrong sizing on our part, or missing in transit. We will not honour any other refunds.
    • Due to demand and the bespoke nature, please allow 4 weeks for your order to be made and dispatched. This will rise with optional hand painted artwork.  
    • We cannot honour cancellation refunds if the jacket is already in production, so please let us know if you wish to cancel asap.
    • Although the jacket is made to measure, it is not tailored like a suit and there will be tolerances of approx +/-0.5" due to set pattern sizes. The jacket will 'break in' and mould to your body shape in time as per the original Irvin. 

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