About Oil & Gasoline®

Oil & Gasoline® is a high-end luxury automotive apparel and accessories brand based in Rutland, UK, and is supplemented by the Gasoline Life™ automotive lifestyle blog.

We’re a small band of petrolheads who consider oil and gasoline to not just be a fossil fuel to transport us from A to B, but the lifeblood to a complete culture and lifestyle… we live it, breathe it, ride it, drive it, and crash it.
Our aim is to produce some of the finest automotive themed clothing and accessories around, by partnering with some of the finest craftsmen in the UK and beyond, as well as fill our journal Gasoline Life™, with stories and images of beautiful cars, motorcycles, and other aspects of the lifestyle that we’ll be shooting over the border at the Stamford venue, and elsewhere across the UK.

Steve Gillions
Director of Oil & Gasoline®