Honouring the Spitfire - David Gandy Aerodrome Collection Launch

Honouring the Spitfire - David Gandy Aerodrome Collection Launch

The legendary Spitfire still stirs the soul of us Brits, it is after-all the aircraft that saved us during the Battle of Britain, alongside the Hurricane. Not only that, it also looked and sounded incredible.  

The streets of London where echoing with the sound of Spitfires once again, albeit in Spitfire Morgan 3 Wheeler form, in order to showcase the new David Gandy Aerodrome Collection, that's been created in conjunction with famous leather specialists, Aspinal of London.

Inspired by the legendary Spitfire, the Aerodrome range combines Gandy’s recognisable style with the leather company’s trademark quality and expertise in craftsmanship.

Morgan were asked to support the launch with three examples of the three-wheeler, which also shares design inspiration from the single-seater fighter aircraft, with David Gandy and co driving them to the launch party at Aspinal's.

Very cool! Images below.


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  • Great article, great photos

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